The Wool

The Wool

Did you know that only hand-washed wool has lanolin - wool grease - left in it? Lanolin makes the wool incredibly soft and naturally water repellent.

The one thing that makes Myssy products so very special is the wool. We think there is no finer yearn in the world than this lightly washed organic Finnsheep wool. This yarn has 5% of lanoline left in it, which makes it extra soft and good to the skin. The wool is obtained from organic Finnsheep breed which is an original Finnish landrace known for its quality. This wool is very soft, light in weight and dense. Its softness compares to that of Merino wool. It also has a great natural color spectrum with all the shades of grey, white, brown and black.

Our sheep are sheared twice a year, the wool is taken to Pirtin Kehräämö together with the wool from neighboring farm Rintala. The wool is hand washed softly, spinned and sent back to us. The natural colors are dyed by Aurinkokehrä.

The wool is totally traceable back to Pöytyä.