The Story

The Story

The Story

Knitted by grannies. How uncool is that?


“Our every Myssy is knitted by a real Myssy Grandma in Pöytyä. We get our unique hand-dyed yarn from our own herd of Finnsheep. Everything is organic and original in our farm and nothing is cool in Pöytyä. Except when winter hits these parts.”


Myssy* is the Finnish word for a funky wool hat and Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland. Besides our Myssys we are also known for award-winning food products. We are a family business owned by isäntä* Janne and emäntä* Anna Rauhansuu.

The farm has belonged to our family since the early 19th century and the brand was established in 2009 as we moved to the old Rauhansuu farm. The first Myssy sheep Susi, Bambi and Onni arrived a year later. 

Our Myssy wool hats are much more than just ethically made of organic materials. We create well-being - everything is locally made here in Finland. The wool is from our own herd of Finnsheep, it is hand-colored by natural dyes and hand-knitted by local grannies. The Myssys are breathable and comfortable to wear year-round. Eventually the Myssy takes the shape of your own head and becomes part of you.


*A short Myssy Dictionary

Myssy = Our truly organic wool hat that’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Isäntä = The farmer. In our case Janne, who started it all.

Emäntä = The lady of the farm. In our case Anna, the designer.

Lammas = A Sheep. In our case free ranging Finnsheep that provide the finest wool in the world.

Mummo = A granny. In our case the most warmhearted craftsladies you’ll ever find.

The Sheep

“Northern Europe is the native region of a special race of sheep that is still alive in Finland, practically unmixed, a pure product of natural selection. The wool of this sheep has preserved a distinctive touch of the wildness.”


Finnsheep is a Finnish landrace by its origin and Finland still has the most extensive genetic Finnsheep population in the world. We find it interesting that Finnsheep are closer to the original wild sheep than most sheep races of today.

Finnsheep are known to have wool that is very soft, light in weight and dense. These sheep have an exceptionally wide color spectrum: white, brown and black wool can be mixed, making seven great natural colors for our Myssys.

We got eight sheep of our own: Susi, Onni, Bambi, Mä, Pikkukarhu and the small lambs Tupsu, Ammuu and Belle. We work in close cooperation with the organic sheep farm Rintala of Yläne, Pöytyä. The sheep are sheared twice a year and are in very good care.  You can follow the life of the Myssy sheep in social media @rintalantila or personally visit the farm on their open-doors day. 



The Yarn - Ecoluxury

The one thing that makes Myssy products very special is the wool. In our opinion there is no finer yarn in the world than this Finnsheep yarn produced by our responsible partners. Its softness compares to that of Merino yarn.

The yarn is spun by the spinning mill of Pirtin Kehräämö: @pirtinkehraamo. First the raw organic wool of ours is washed gently in order to preserve the lanolin - the grease of wool. No chemicals are used during the spinning process and the whole process is fully traceable.

The yarn is then hand-dyed by Anna Vasko of Aurinkokehrä. She is a talented professional who only uses natural dyes. Follow the art of dyeing: @aurinkokehra “


You can’t get more organic or more original.


spinning, kehräys, kehräämö, wool

Anna the Designer

“The inspiration for the designs comes from the countryside, colors of the old crafts and contradiction – mixing the farm life with urban culture”


Anna is the creative director and designer of the brand. Before taking over the respected role of emäntä, she had a career in advertising business. As she is a fourth-generation member of the local women’s farming association, Pöytyän Maatalousnaiset, it’s clear that the tradition for craftsmanship runs deep in her veins.


Anna finds her inspiration from Pöytyä: countryside, contradictions and the colors of old crafts created by her grandmothers. Despite her deep roots and her strong sense of belonging to the farm, she secretly craves the urban life as well -  always feeling a like a misfit both in the city and in the countryside.


Feel like misfit? Look like one too.

Janne the Founder

"The first Myssy can still be found from a mountain café in Teufi, CH.”


It was Janne himself, who knitted the very first Myssy after his sports career ended in 2006 while still living in Davos, Switzerland. Knitting became his hobby and since 2006 he has made over 1000 Myssy products.

Janne is a former professional windsurfer FIN-24, who spent 15 years touring the world and winning the European Championship in 2001. Today he is a proud father and farmer caring for his fields with the same passion as he has for the wind and the waves: He takes great pride in being a full-time farmer and passing down the traditions to his children. But when winter comes, it's time to see the Myssy Friends around the world…



The Farm Heritage

”The tradition for aesthetics and craftsmanship has passed from one generation to another on the family farms for centuries.”


In the 1950’s over half of the population of Finland made its living on farming, so statistically almost every Finn has roots in the countryside. The fast-growing urbanization started as late as in the 60’s.

Though the 20th century gave us some world-known designers, the seek for simplicity and natural beauty comes from much further behind in time. The rural lifestyle and Lutheran religion made sure nothing was too fancy.

The tradition for aesthetics and craftsmanship has passed from one generation to another on the family farms for centuries. Some of the farms, like Alastaro, where Anna’s grandmother was born, have been in the family since the early 17th century. That is over 400 years of tradition to deal with and heritage to be proud of.

We are country nation at heart and shall be proud of our heritage.


Want to have some field credibility?

Pöytyä the place

“Welcome to the Myssy capital of the world”


Welcome to the county of Pöytyä, a land of a fashion of it’s own. Fields, woods, rivers, farms and, of course, a baseball stadium. It might look like nothing in the middle of nowhere to you, but this is one of the oldest counties in Finland and we carry centuries of established farm life in our heritage. Nothing is cool here, but we got all that it takes to make a perfect Myssy.



But how did it all begin?

Myssy-ystävät, some of you already know the story about knitting grandmas and supersoft Finnsheep wool – all coming from Pöytyä. But how did we end up here? To understand us you don’t need to go back all the way to our childhood and see photos of us running around the fields and forests of Pöytyä, but of course that is the base of our values.

We start our tour from the year 2002 when Janne, FIN-24, was still windsurfing. Ever since high school Janne’s career was in professional windsurfing. Among other things, he won the European Championships in 2001 and was rated among world’s TOP 10 windsurfers. When his career ended in 2003 in an injury, he decided to take over the family farm in Finland, but to stay in Switzerland, where his base had already been for years.

While searching for a new direction, Janne was living in Davos for the winters and skiing in the mountains. His friend Julia had a handmade beanie that Janne wanted to have, but it was not in sale. With Finnish stubbornness he decided to make one himself. In a Teufi village mountain café local old ladies taught Janne to knit. The first Myssy was born 16th of January 2006 after a week of hard work. This masterpiece looked like a tea cosy - "pannumyssy" and the name Myssy was chosen. It sounded nice to the Swiss. The first myssy can still to be found from the same cafe in Teufi.

Of course, without Julie, the whole myssy phenomenon would not have existed in Davos. She designed the first logo, tags and parties for the Davos ski society. Soon they both knit where ever they went. Everybody in Davos wanted to have a myssy and knitting took place always after a good day of skiing. Myssy parties became famous with myssy fashion shows and different after ski themes. But most of all, myssy was all about having fun.

A knitting man stood out from the crowd and Janne also started to knit during his visits in Finland. Blanko in Turku was his number one place to knit. The world was open for myssy. The myssykraka – a tie- was born in South Africa, when Janne flew to a friend’s wedding. The night before the wedding he realized he had forgotten his tie. He had just learned to knit and it took the whole night, but the first myssykraka was good to go.

In 2008 Janne met Anna and was finally the time for Janne to move back to Finland. He started developing the farm full time and soon it was ready to be turned fully organic. For Anna doing creating work and knitting had always been something very natural, it didn’t take long before she started knitting too. Our brand Myssyfarmi was established in 2009 as Anna and Janne moved to the old Rauhansuu farm and became ”emäntä” and ”isäntä” – Finnish specific terms for the lady of the farm and the farmer.

From there on, the rest of the story came together almost by itself. The first Finnsheep arrived to farm in 2010 as Bambi, Susi and Onni were born at the Rintala farm. We realized there is such a secret treasure as Finnsheep wool – wool with great natural color spectrum, wool as soft as merino wool and wool that is very Finnish too. And hard to get, which means exclusive. So we started to co-operate with the Rintala farm from the same county with over a thousand beautiful Finnsheep and use only this fully traceable wool.

Soon we no longer had time to do all the knitting by ourselves, introducing the myssymummot – myssy grandmas – as our flagship was the next obvious step. The grandmas had been helping us around already for a couple of years and it was time to put them in the front. In every myssy they knit in some of their wisdom.

In a meanwhile, Myssyfarmi Food products: organic virgin turnip rape oil, Hulda peas, pea crush and pea flour had been introduced to the market one by one. What our two product ranges have in common, is the 100% traceability: we know exactly where the yarn comes from, what the sheep was called, who knit the beanie, where did the turnip rape grew and who pressed & bottled up the oil. We are also passionate about both: producing the clean organic food and designing beautiful handmade masterpieces out of 100% Finnsheep yarn.

Knitting has never been our profession, but a passion and a source of inspiration. However, in fall 2015 we made the decision to start developing Myssyfarmi professionally. After Aina, Unto, Unna and Auni all born on 2010’s, Anna decided no longer return her prior job, but to become a modern kind of emäntä working on the farm. Some results can already be seen. In December 2015 we were granted EU money for the project called “growth & internationalization of Myssyfarmi” – probably as a first farm in Finland to get this kind of support and in January 2016 we attended the Berlin Fashion Week for the first time. The internationalization had began.

Today Myssys are sold in 15 countries, we have had lots of stories in the media and been awarded on our work, but we still feel like the real journey has now just begun. We believe in what we are doing and that we can change, if not the hole world, at least a little bit of the Finnish farming culture and county of Pöytyä. We have also been lucky to be able to gather a great team around us that is enabling the work. For us if feels as a natural step to go back to the roots where it all started - all around the world.