Size charts

Size charts

The Size Chart is here to make selection of the right myssy easier for you! You can also ask us about the size:


Size head size age notes
XXS 36-40 cm 0-4mts fits new born
XS 41-46cm 6mts-1,5years fits a toddler
S 47-54cm 2-8 years or adult  
M 54-59cm    
L 59-62cm    
XL 56 cm -> fits people, who like it big special size


Please notice that

1. Our myssys are all unique and  though the grannies have this same chart, not all myssys size M are precisly the same.  

2. Wool is as stretching material that will adjust to the size of you head. After a few weeks of use, your myssy fits you perfectly. 

3. There is no "one right size" for you, it also depends of your preference: Would you like your myssy small or large?