THE MYSSY YEAR OF 2019 | Myssyfarmi


A warm thank you to all our Myssy Friends for this woolly year 2019!

At the beginning of the year, we were all excited about the new fat, fat yarn we had developed together with Pirtti spinning mill. It would make our magnificent products greater than ever in terms of size. Also, our new point of sale furniture had arrived just in time for our first entrance at Paris Fashion Week and Who’s Next show. So we packed the new furniture, the fat hats and uncool marketing materials and left to conquer Paris! 

Our marketing ended up being so uncool that in the spring we won the silver prize with our slogan “It’s not cool. It’s warm” at Vuoden Huiput, the most significant creative competition in Finland. That was something!


Anna and Anneli the Granny also visited live tv in February and the phone started ringing. The result was 40 Myssy grannies knitting in the team this season and even more grannies waiting in the line to become an official Myssy granny.


However, the most significant step was taken with Finnish wool. At the moment 60 to 80% of Finnish wool is being burned as invaluable waste. We started paying fair compensation for 17 sheep farms that provide us with their organic wool and the many of them told that the first time they see there is hope in the new coming of Finnish wool. The volume isn’t huge yet, but it will be. We show the way to the others.


The farm had grown small to our Myssy business and at the end of the summer holidays, we moved to an old school of Haveri. We decided to give it some time and see, how it works. But it is awesome, the story of our new headquarters has just begun!


This fall app. 100 new and old retailers received their Myssy deliveries. There are big and small ones, near and far. Together with them, we organized some legendary events like knitting circles that were sold out within the first minutes.


Our first collaborations with Kyrö Distillery, Sasta and Costo were successful and made it to the national news.


To finance our growth we decided to execute an equity-based crowdfunding campaign with Invesdor. We thought our story is strong enough and we will find enough people, who believe in us and what we do. But it was still a surprise that we raised a woolly 425 000 euros and some extra in three weeks and that therefore the campaign ended a week earlier than planned. We are really thankful and take this as a message that our work is appreciated and needed. We will take the Pöytyä fashion, Finnish farming culture and employment of elderly people to the next level for sure!


We are really thankful for all our Grannies, sheep farmers, spinning mill fellows, retailers, agents, Mastermark buddies, Invesdor gang, Albert and Petteri the photographers, the advertising guys Erkki & Petri, our collaboration friends in Isokyrö, Nurmes and Helsinki, the landlords of Haveri and of course all those warm people we forgot from our lists!

Now it is good to close this woolly year and head to the next one. The winter has not even begun yet in Southern Finland and the best Myssy season is still ahead. And yes, Paris is calling us again full of surprises!


We wish you a pretty uncool 2020!

Myssy Team