5 Reasons to Give your Loved Ones a Myssy

1) One size fits all! Or at least 85% of our customers. In case you or your loved one has a small or big head, please mention this in the comment section of your order. Myssy hat takes the shape of your head within the first two weeks of use!

2) Natural colors (the shades of grey, brown and natural white) fit almost everyone. Uncolored wool makes the skin glow and fits even pale skin color. Additionally, natural colors are easy to combine with both colorful and black winter coats.

3) If you wish, a gift package is included in your purchase - we make it easy for you!

4) You can change the products ordered now until the 6th of January in case the gift Myssy wouldn't be perfect. So no worries in case the receiver would've preferred a yellow Myssy hat over a red one - you have time to change it.

5) When you buy a Myssy hat you create well-being and don't harm the environment. The Grannies we employ get something meaningful to do and the Finnish wool is used instead of being burned as waste. At the moment more than 60% of domestic wool is being dumped as trash annually.


How to choose the right Myssy hat?

All Myssys are unisex. The edgiest ones choose an Eetteri or Pöytyä United!



In case you are not sure which one to choose, you can always rely on the statistics: the most popular model amongst our female customers is a fluffy Muffi, but even a stylish Nobles is a perfect option. For ladies, a Luksus Myssy is a luxury gift.



The absolute favorite of our male customers is year after year, of course, a Farmester - especially a grey one. This fall the Kyrö collection has also been a popular one!




For kids, we only have left a limited amount of products. However, an M sized Myssy fits usually even kids aged 5 and older. Please mention in the comment section when placing the order that the Myssy hat will be a gift for a child, and we'll choose the perfect one. Especially Nobles, Snow, Kaamos, Pöytyä United, and Farmesters are popular for children. You can even choose to add a pompom to your Nobles hat!


Let's talk about colors! Natural colors fit basically everyone and choosing the color based on the colors of the receiver you won't go wrong. For brunettes and brown-eyed people, natural black is a great fit! Check out, for example, Susi Muffi or Untola Farmester.


For redheads bark brown and turquoise are great options.


For light-skinned people, natural light brown, 'hiekka' is a great color. For example, Carl Nobles would be a perfect fit. Light brown lights up one's face.



For darker skin colors bright colors fit beautifully. The favorites of this fall are orange and yellow.



If your loved one just loves black, then he or she, of course, need to get a black and nothing else. For example, Yö Kyrö, Suunnittelija Muffi or Savusauna Farmester are great options.



For outdoor people who love skiing, Snow is, of course, the natural choice. It also looks great after-ski!


Additionally, you can always choose to get the product delivered to you in a gift package! When placing the order, just simply choose that you would like to include a gift package and we'll take care of the rest.