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MUFFI -50 %

MUFFI -50 %

MUFFI -50 %


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Plum Muffi
87,00 €
43,50 €

This aubergine Muffi is called Värjäri - a colorist. The wool has been hand-dyed and therefore the color can change a little bit from Myssy to Myssy. Due to the dyeing process, the hat is more expensive than the undyed one. The product is handmade of 100% organic Finnsheep wool that doesn’t itch.

Muffi Myssys are size M that fit 85% of our customers. If you head is 56cm or smaller, we recommend you to order Myssy Originals in size L and turn the edge to get a Muffi that fits you. If your head is 59cm or bigger, please tell us about it in the comment field and we will do our best to find a product that fits you.

New Myssy hat should feel a little tight, the product takes the size and shape of your head within the first week of use. If the product feels loose to begin with, it is better to change it into smaller. By the way, our return percentage is 5%, so most of our new Myssy Friends are happy with their Myssy!