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In memoriam Susi the sheep

In Memoriam Susi the sheep March 10th 2010 - March 2nd 2019

The leader of the Myssy herd, Susi the sheep herself is now walking on the evergreen pastures. She was the dower from Janne to Anna in 2010 as they got married. Born on the Rintala farm she spend her whole life at Myssy farm with Bambi and Onni sheep. She lived a happy life with plenty to eat, company of her best friends, freedom to go outside from May till November and spending the winter in the old cowhouse.

She recognized her name and was really a social character. Susi had a habit of fawning her tail while being happy. She posed for several fashion magazines during her career as a Myssy sheep and as all naturally black Myssy products are named after her, her name will be known far from now.

Her name stood for "Wolf" as according to an old Finnish folklore "a wolf won't eat an other wolf". Regardless of the growing number of wolfs in the county of Pöytyä, the Myssy sheep were always left untouched on their home pasture as Susi was in the herd.

Anna, Janne, kids and the whole team will miss her along with the Myssy sheep Onni, Bambi, Mä, Pikku Karhu, Tupsu, Belle ja Ammuu