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country casual, farm girls, country girls, Myssy, wool hat



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    The tradition for aesthetics and craftsmanship has passed from one generation to another on the family farms for centuries. Many of the farms have belonged to the same family since the early 17th century. That is over 400 years of tradition to deal with and heritage to be proud of. We are a country nation at heart and shall be proud of our heritage.



    It has been a decade since the neighboring counties joined Pöytyä and we are still trying to learn to play together. The Myssys in this collection were named after our villages that once had a school, yet still have a character. This autumn we moved our headquarters to Haveri school, so the charisma of this village is just increasing…

    If something brings people together at Pöytyä, it is baseball. The local baseball stadium had 980 visitors when Pöytyän Urheilijat sports club was about to win their ticket to the number one baseball league SuperPesis in Finland. 980 visitors in a county of 8500 inhabitants is pretty nice, right? Baseball is certainly something that makes locals proud of their home county – and brings people together. We had some of the top players of Pöytyän Urheilijat baseball teams to model for us. Pretty uncool, huh?

    Our beloved home county Pöytyä is celebrating its 700th anniversary this year - being mention in the books for the first time in 1319. And just for the record, that is some 200 years before Helsinki was established by a Swedish king.
    Today Pöytyä is a land of a fashion of its own. Fields, woods, rivers, farms and, of course, a baseball stadium. It might look like nothing in the middle of nowhere to you. But we got it all here that it takes to make a perfect Myssy. Being stronger than ever.


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    Here at the farm, we love snow. It brings light to the dark season and we get to go skiing! However, in recent years the white winters have been rare here at Pöytyä and we have been trying to pose with our retro gear in the darkness of November without a trace of white. Like, fake it till you make it?

    Enough of it, we thought. The winters of Kuusamo have inspired us since the early ’90s. The hats of this collection have been named after arctic hills of Kuusamo, photos have been taken at the Ruka region and models are real outdoor guides from Kuusamo. We packed our very best ski gear with us and drove up north to enjoy the snow!

    There is some retro in the colors, stripes, and pompoms of the SNOW. “I bought one just like that from Ylläs in 1983”, said Sinikka the Myssy Granny as we introduced the new collection for productions. How uncool is that?



    Are you bored? Let's play together! Muffi collection has been our bestseller for adults, and now it is available also for kids - and with a lot more fun! We started to play with colors and discovered that two is much more than one. 1 + 1 = 4, or what ? And hey, no one wants to be left alone. Muffi Duo is against the boredom.



    Eetteri, Aether - the fifth element
    Earth, water, fire, air and the mythical aether. In the ancient and medieval times aether was the translucent material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. The theory has been proven wrong and in modern physics evidence for the presence of such a medium has not been found. This means there is no proof for the existence – or non-existence of luminiferous aether. So this might be it?

    This Eetteri Myssy hat carries four pompoms. In Greek mythology aether was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space they lived in, analogous to the air breathed by mortals. There must be something ethereal in this, right?

    The magnificent Olympic skier and the girl from the neighboring village Johanna Matintalo modeled for us. Her element is snow.


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    Smart casual is always a good choice, but how about Country Casual?

    It fits into any dress code you may think of and it has nothing to do with business. This minimalistic Myssy is surprisingly warm and wind-proof and it brings a rural twist in your urban look. Isn't is so uncool to keep yourself warm...



    Muffi is our fluffy and funky wool hat that celebrates the power of being an outsider - standing out of the crowd. The ones, who walk their own paths. The ones that are not afraid to break the patterns. The ones that need no institutions to back them up. Anyway, who the heck would want to be average?

    This collection was inspired by outsider art. It is no secret that here at the farm we got no degree in arts. Here in the woods of Pöytyä is a place called the Angel park “Enkelipuisto” - a creation of an outsider artist Kyösti Iitti. It is the most popular sight in the area. The crazy made-of-recycled-metal art of Iitti showcases the creativity rising from the woods and swamps. “Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no contact with the mainstream.” Be inspired!



    A true Farmester is a farmer proud of his or her work, smiling while driving a tractor. Their daily work, if something in this world, has a meaning as we all must eat. Farmesters might have seen the world, but taking over the family farm was an obvious choice after all. A farmester does not make quarter plans, he makes quarter-century plans.

    Farmesters don’t want to build barriers between the countryside and the urban areas, but act as a link between them and enjoy the advantages of both. Spotting a farmester downtown, you might mix him into a hipster – which he, of course, isn’t.

    These myssys have been inspired by the Finnish farming heritage and they can be worn downtown just as well as on the farm.


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    Back in the day most things were made by hand and they were design to last for decades or centuries. Though nothing extra couldn't be afford, aesthetics were important. This is what we call the new luxury nowadays – well-design, well-made and unique products that don't compromise in aesthetics or ethics. So we take you to those estates that were once build to serve as homes and centers of activity in a very different society and that still stand there today better than new: Pihlava, Kuuskoski, Määhäri, Juva...

    The pompoms of the Myssy Luksus Collection are handmade of 100% organic and super ethical Finnsheep fur. The wool is double thick and hand knitted 100% Finnsheep wool. Both raw materials originate from Rintala farm, have been refined in Finland 100% and can be fully traced.



    Here at the farm we nowadays surf the fields, but the passion for the wind never dies. We are proud to announce our cooperation with the reigning world champion in windsurfing, Aleksandra Blinnikka! She is a superior athlete and an outstanding character that we chose to model for our Myssy Originals collection.

    Despite her phenomenal success she’s still waiting for the international breakthrough that would make her a world-known professional athlete. We found the perfect match with Aleksandra who shares the same passion, values, and roots with us. For a windsurfer, a Myssy is a necessity on most days on the windy beaches and islands during the Nordic summer.

    It might come as a surprise for some of you, but our Pöytyä-based farm also has roots in the Nordic windsurfing culture. Farmer and founder Janne is a former professional windsurfer FIN-24, who started his career here in Pöytyä in the 1980s, at lake Pyhäjärvi. Now, some 30 years later, we took Aleksandra to the same lake, where windsurfing legends are born.

    "I wear my Myssy all year round, it is really needed in this sport. A Myssy is also a statement of the surfing lifestyle", she says and smiles.


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    Here at the farm we have often taken you to tour our fields, our sea. But for centuries Finland has lived out of the forest. As the soil froze and field work was done, the men would go into the woods to make a living. Finland has one of the most dense forest covers in the world and the woods still form an important base in the economy of many farms.

    Our new collection takes you into the woods and celebrates in the colors of the Finnish forest all year round.


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    Myssytuubi was simply created for a need.

    Some people are just scarf people: they have a really good looking scarf wrapped around them looking warm and natural.

    And for some of us, it is just uncomfortable. Scarf is a necessity when it’s cold, but wrapping it around the neck is difficult and doesn’t end up looking that good.

    Emäntä really liked the easiness of myssykauluri, but it was too big for everyday use. ”The kids have small collars around their neck, so why couldn’t I?”, she thought.

    So myssytuubi was created, used for one winter, loved so much – so it was taken into production.



    Here at the farm we have never been dominated by the hectic cycles of the fashion world. The four seasons and the fieldwork set limits for our creative energy also when it comes to wool.

    This collection has been inspired by the greyness and bareness of November. 2I didn’t try to fight it with colors, so I made peace with the darkness. The photo shooting was meant to be done on a cultivated field, but on that very morning, the snow had dressed the land in white. Almost like adding a pompom on it. But it was still grey enough." -Anna



    The Nobles of Wistola is our main collection for Autumn 2019 celebrating the seven centuries of Pöytyä.

    Once upon a time the noble captains and lieutenants that served the Swedish king, inhabited our Vistola village and the estate of Wistola. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Vistola was in the center of attention hosting numerous events. Now the fields belong to our farm and the estate no longer exists, but the glory is still there. So join us for a tour!

    The Myssys in this collection have been named after the noble men and women that once lived here.



    In the early days of Myssy when Janne was still living in Davos and knitting just for fun (oh, we are still having fun), Myssy Panta was super popular. On sunny spring days when snow was sparkling, you could spot a group of outdoor enthusiasts on their morning hike up the mountain… All wearing Myssy Panta.

    Of course, you don't need to be riding down the mountains with your fat skis to wear one. Myssy Panta is the perfect headwear for Nordic walking, city talking - or perhaps on summer festivals in the evening to warm your head.

    Panta hasn't lost its original shape, but the wool and colors are nowadays very much organic and Finnish. We offer you 14 different colors to go in the spring.