Muffi is our new funky wool hat that celebrates the power of being an outsider - standing out of the crowd. The ones, who walk their own paths. The ones that are not afraid to break the patterns. The ones that need no institutions to back them up. Anyway, who the heck would want to be average?

    The collection was inspired by outsider art. It is no secret that here at the farm we got no degree in arts. We decided to photograph the collection here in the woods of Pöytyä in a place called the Angel park “Enkelipuisto” - a creation of an outsider artist Kyösti Iitti. We were also honoured to have our Japanese friend Chi to model for us.

    “Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no contact with the mainstream.” Be inspired!


    Muffi is our new funky wool hat that celebrates the power of being an outsider - standing out of the crowd.


    Once upon a time the cycle of living was very different, everything was not so hectic and short-sighted. The four seasons of the year guided the work at the farms and plans were made for years to come, not just for the next vacation. Most things were made by hand and they were meant to last for decades or centuries. This is what we consider 'the new luxury' nowadays – unique, beautiful things made to last.

    So we take you to the estates that were once build to serve as homes and centers of activity in a very different society and that still stand there today better than new. They were build to last, but aesthetics were not compromised.


    The pompoms of the Myssy Luksus Collection are handmade of 100% organic and super ethical Finnsheep fur.


    Here at the farm we have often taken you to tour our fields, our sea. But for centuries Finland has lived out of the forest. As the soil froze and field work was done, the men would go into the woods to make a living. Finland has one of the most dense forest covers in the world and the woods still form an important base in the economy of many farms.

    Our new collection takes you Into the Woods and celebrates in the colors of the Finnish forest all year round. The natural dyes have been carried out by Aurinkokehrä and ensure safe colors and organic, 100% traceable wool for our myssy-ystävät.


    "This is our ground breaking collection that combines the undyed and naturally dyed organic Finnsheep wool." 


    “We have always told our fans that we get our inspiration from the old farm scenery, nature and lifestyle of the generations on the farm before us. But that is not the whole truth. We have a great respect of our roots - knowing where we come from and who we are, but the inspiration comes from our own myssy lifestyle. That is a combination of being a proud isäntä (farmer), but being also a former professional windsurfer. Or being a proud emäntä (landlady), but also having lived and loved the city life for a decade. We love the fields, but we also need the sea and the city. And the fields, they are like the sea.
    So we went surfing."



    "Many of the myssy originals have story to go with: Who they were named after."


    A true Farmester is a farmer proud of his or hers work, smiling while driving a tractor. Their daily work, if something in this world, has a meaning as we all must eat. Farmesters might have seen the world, but taking over the family farm was an obvious choice after all. A farmester does not make quarter plans, he makes quarter-century plans.

    Farmesters don’t want to build barriers between the country side and the urban areas, but act as a link between them and enjoy the advantages of both. Spotting a farmester downtown, you might mix him into a hipster –which he of course isn’t.

    These myssys have been inspired by the heritage of Finnish farming culture and they can be worn downtown just as well as on the farm.


    "This collection has been inspired by the heritage of Finnish farming culture and they can be worn downtown just as well as on the farm."


    Here at the farm we have never been dominated by the hectic cycles of the fashion world. The four seasons and the field work set limits for our creative energy also when it comes to wool. In my opinion Finnish design brands have two sceneries over the others for photo shooting their collections: the forest and the fields. Obviously we are not suffering from the lack of fields here, but in the past five years harvesting, planting and the kids have simply taken it all in August. When the new collection has found its form in my head, the yellow grain is gone and the fields have been stripped down for the winter.

    This collection has been inspired by the greyness and bareness of November. This time I didn’t try to fight it with colors so I made peace with the darkness. The photo shooting was meant to be done on a cultivated field, but on that very morning snow had dressed the land in white. Almost like adding a pom-pom on it. But it was still grey enough. -emäntä


    "Cultivated land is stripped land and the structure of it makes it look like knitted."


    ”Myssytuubi was simply created for a need. 

    Some people are just scarf people: they have a really good looking scarf wrapped around them looking warm and natural.

    And for some of us, it is just uncomfortable. Scarf is a necessity when it’s cold, but wrapping it around the neck is difficult and doesn’t end up looking that good.

    Emäntä really liked the easiness of myssykauluri, but it was too big for everyday use. ”The kids have small collars around their neck, so why couldn’t I?”, she thought.

    So myssytuubi was created, used for one winter, loved so much – so it was taken into production.“


    ”Myssytuubi was simply created for a need." 


    ”Once upon a time in the woods of Pöytyä it was really cold and we wanted to create something that you could wrap yourself into. Something very beautiful and full of softness.

    Myssykauluri is a unique product handmade by myssymummo Terttu. In this product the beauty of organic wool and our thick yarn gets the right proportions.

    It can be used as collar, poncho or hood. You can wear it outdoor with your jacket and indoor with your party dress. Just let your imagination fly.“



    It can be used as collar, poncho or hood.



    As the harvest is finished, it's time to head out to the city. A modern farmer is confident about his style and pick-ups are left at the machinery hall. It's so handy to take off with the Cessna from the farm and be in the city within minutes!

    Myssykraka - a myssy tie - is knitted by isäntä himself or myssymummo Terttu from 100% organic Finnsheep wool for men that are self-confident about their style. Myssykraka suits you, where ever you go.”

    Myssykraka makes a nice, unique plus to your outfit no matter where you are heading. It has been bought by business men and architects as well as graphical designers and artists. You can wear it at work, at parties - or even weddings.


    "Myssykraka makes a nice, unique plus to your outfit no matter where you are heading."