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The legendary Unique Week is here !


The legendary Unique week Feb 11th-18th is here! We have been having loads of fun at our color kitchen and the grannies have been creative while knitting as we have tuned a whole punch of Myssys! The result is a wide range of unique masterpieces with friendly prices. 

A grey might have turned into turquoise and white into pink as the recipes have been tested. The grannies have done their very best in turning old lively colored yarns into beautiful products. Leftovers have been knitted into stunning headbands. And of course we went through the storage and found some creative pieces from the prehistorical times like 2011. We are so excited to see, which colors you guys will love the most!

All together we have 250 Unique product models, out of which close to 60 are just ONE-PIECE-ONLY! So be fast in making your moves, if you want that green one! The prices are friendly -40-80% depending on the product.

If there is something remarkable to notice about the size, color or quality, it will be mentioned in the product texts. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Check all unique products by folders at Myssy Store: