Grannies knitting in a shop window | Myssyfarmi

Grannies knitting in a shop window


Myssyfarmi is moving a piece of Pöytyä to the Helsinki city center on Saturday, as the local retired ladies, known as Myssy Grannies, arrive to knit in the shop window of Sokos! Myssy Grannies will knit Myssyfarmi’s woollen hats, Myssys, and they will be sold on the spot.

With this event we want to show that it is possible even today to produce fully traceable products that are made in Finland – from the beginning to the end. Myssy Grannies are also great example of how the elderly in Finland still want to be active participants in the society. Myssy Grannies can be found knitting in the shop window of Sokos in Mannerheimintie and on the 2nd floor.