The Grannies

The Grannies

Terttu, Salli, Soili, Ritva, Anneli, Rahkis, Päivi, Sinikka, Pirjo, Tepa, Pirjo-Riitta, Marju, Mantu, Soile and...

Myssymummot, the local Myssy grannies, knit all the products by hand. These cheerful grannies create the essence of our brand. They are modern grandmas and retired ladies that are passionate knitters, but they also know how to have fun while dancing, skiing and travelling with the money they we make knitting.

Being a Myssymummo is about belonging. Once a month we get together for a knitting circle. A lot of coffee is drank, stories told and new Myssys taken into production. We have fun while knitting. The grannies are very proud of their work and this is the reason that they personally sign all the Myssys they make. We believe the grannies knit part of their wisdom into every Myssy they make.


Knitted by grannies. How uncool is that?

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"I have been knitting since I was a little girl. Back in the days if you wanted to have clothes, you had to make them yourself!"

Let us introduce – our Myssy Granny Salli! Salli comes originally from the neighbouring town, but she has lived in Pöytyä for 7 years now. Her roots ar in Karelia, where people tend to do a lot of crafts. Back in the days if you wanted clothes, you needed to knit them yourself! Salli joined the Myssy Grannies in 2015 when Janne, the farmer himself, asked her if she was interested in joining the group.

We asked Salli how does this “job” differ from the job she had before retiring. She answered that you don’t think this as a job, it’s more like a nice hobby! And you don’t need to do anything, unlike in working-life. Some days you make five hats, some other day just one. Depending on how you feel!


"Best thing is being part of the group and the sense of belonging. And always having something fun to do!"

Our Myssy Granny Anneli is definitely someone who doesn't think retirement is for resting. Besides knitting Myssys, she likes gardening, biking and doing group exercises - three times a week! Being part of the Myssy Grannies also keeps her updated on all the exciting events happening at the farm, and often there is quite a lot happening there...

What is the favorite Myssy of Anneli? The Originals Classic of course, but during the winter she prefers the warm and fluffy Muffi.


"Knitting has been essential part of my life since I was little. I haven't bought not one pair of woolen socks from the store!"

Here's our Myssy Granny Soili. Before retiring Soili was a lady of the house in a farm. Then the animals needed to be taken care of every single day, in the morning and in the evening! Now knitting Myssys is a nice activity to her retirement days - she would knit anyway and now she can do it in a group of likeminded knitters. And you never have to worry about materials, she says. "I can even walk past the yarn-section at the store!"

Soili is proud of Myssys travelling around the world. She finds it unbelievable that the products that she knits by hand here in Pöytyä Finland, can the next moment be worn by someone in France or Japan!